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Best of breed drawing and document management software Data Viewer Total Document Management (Dv TDM) will help regain control of the information that’s central to your organisation’s workflow processes, significantly improving workplace efficiencies and reducing your costs. Dv TDM equips progressive organisations with the expertise and tools to better manage the creation, capture, organization, storage, retrieval, manipulation and controlled circulation of drawings, CAD files and business documents.

While most document management software developers claim they can manage drawings i.e. their software allows you add a drawing to the database and control access to who can check in and checkout the document, Dv TDM’s features far exceed these simple functions.

Dv TDM is a powerful and robust tool for managing everything from business documents to technical documents and drawings. Dv TDM supports over 200 Engineering and Office document formats including: AutoCAD, Microstation, Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF, and many more.

With Dv TDM, you can:

  • Access and manage technical project documents worldwide from a central repository through Internet Explorer.
  • Drawings can be quickly located and are never lost, misplaced or misfiled.
  • There is always strict version control so that there is never any doubt ‘who has got what’ andif all modifications and amendments have been incorporated.
  • A drawing’s links to other references, templates and files are fully protected should the latter be subject to modificationor deletion. For example, any drawing’s links to other references, templates and files are fully protected should the latter be subject to modification or deletion.
  • Share documents and drawings on the web, control versions, view and markup documents without the need for the native file application and more.
  • Reference files are also managed by Dv TDM without requiring a third party application.
  • Project files are stored in their native file format so clients can integrate documents with legacy ERP and Mapping systems.