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Dv Scan

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Data Viewer Scan (Dv Scan) is designed to make conversion of your hard copy documents to a manageable electronic format easy. Dv Scan has been designed in conjunction with a industry leading scanning bureau to ensure the solution offers far more than the usual standard feature list to help your organisation realise significant process improvements. Efficient management of business information is critical to the success of any organisation but is becoming an increasingly complex and unmanageable task using paper-based workflow processes. Dv Scan will help you realise the full benefits of digitising your data and ensure you gain easy access to valuable information in an electronic format.

The imperative to convert information from hardcopy documents to digital data is driven by the sheer volume of paper-based information that organisations need to manage in the modern age and the enormous amount of time that is wasted on non-productive tasks such as searching, photocopying, filing and retrieving documents. 

When a hardcopy document is converted to digital format and managed by our scanning software and document management systems:
  • There are reduced information distribution costs
  • Distribution becomes much faster and easier
  • Substantial saving can be made in storage costs
  • Access can be rigorously controlled.
  • The incidence of lost, misplaced or misfiled records is prevented.
  • The problems of fire risk are reduced.
  • The document immediately becomes part of the organization's ‘knowledge pool'.