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Dv Office

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Data Viewer Office (Dv Office) will help regain control of the information that’s central to your organisation’s workflow processes, significantly improving workplace efficiencies and reducing costs. Dv Office equips progressive organisations with the expertise and tools to better manage the creation, capture, organization, storage, retrieval, manipulation and controlled circulation of documents. Dv Office is a powerful and robust tool for managing your documents that can handles over 200 file types and includes advanced features such as content search, revision control, internet access to files from anywhere in the world, and unlimited group level security. Dv Office can be customised and configured to meet the needs of your organization.

With Dv Office, you can:

  • Access and manage documents worldwide from a central repository through Internet Explorer.
  • Locate documents quickly and ensure they never lost, misplaced or misfiled.
  • Apply strict version control so that there is never any doubt ‘who has got what’ and if all modifications and amendments have been incorporated.
  • A document’s links to other references, templates and files are fully protected should the latter be subject to modification or deletion.
  • Sort and file incoming emails based on the subject, or the contents, i.e. if they contain the project name or number or who the emails are from.
  • Archive all projects, matters or transactions knowing that all information, including emails, is stored in a single project related location.
  • Index documents by searching for words inside the emails and their attachments even when this was not part of the original index. Searching is incredibly fast.
  • Email information without the need to send actual documents. All the recipient needs to do is click on a URL to view the document in question. In this way you prevent the incidence of duplicate files being stored locally and the ensuing risk of an incorrect version being used.