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Nextimage 5.0

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Многофункциональное программное обеспечение NextImage было разработано таким образом, чтобы максимально облегчить пользование и получать профессиональный результат при минимальный настройках.


Ключевые свойства:

  • Интуитивно-понятный и мощный графический интерфейс с простыми функциями управления
  • Интегрированное многофункциональное программное обеспечение
  • Встроенная поддержка любого широкоформатного принтера
  • Проверка финального качества сканирования в один клик

Ключевые функции:

  • Полное 64-битное приложение для оптимальной производительности SnapScan: Scan - Enhance - Save
  • Совместимость с сенсорным экраном - идеально подходит для использования MFP и ScanStation
  • Простой и мощный графический интерфейс с четким контролем
  • Корректировка изображения в реальном времени - без повторного сканирования
  • Встроенная поддержка принтера для HP, Canon, Epson и других.
  • Пакетный режим для заданий большего объема
  • Автоматические шаблоны именования файлов для удобства индексирования


Improve your originals with Nextimage 5


Nextimage 5 is more than just a scanning software. Designed to optimize results for every use Nextimage brings out unseen details and restores even the faintest originals. Scan in vibrant color in sRGB, Adobe RGB or even full 48 bit with selected scanners. Capture and improve maps using advanced color reduction options. Digitize and restore monochrome originals with unique adaptive filters and advanced background suppression. 

Scan, Enhance, Save

With SnapScan you scan, enhance and save your originals in a single flow. No rescanning needed. It is the perfect link between your scanner, digital storage, existing applications, and your printers.

Long originals are no problem.

Utilizing the full 64 bit OS Nextimage is able to capture the longest originals in the industry. No original is too big for the software. Should limits be reached in TIF and PDF file formats Nextimage will automatically create multipage images files instead and ensure every detail is captured.     

Key features with Nextimage scanning software

  • Full 64 bit application for optimal performance SnapScan: Scan - Enhance - Save
  • Touch-screen compatible - perfect for MFP and ScanStation use
  • Simple and Powerful GUI with clear controls
  • Real-time image adjustments – no re-scanning
  • Built-in printer support for HP, Canon, Epson, others
  • Batch mode for higher volume jobs
  • Auto file-naming templates for easy indexing


Image Enhancement

Nextimage software delivers a complete set of tools to ensure image quality for both archival and printing. Never before has it been so easy to get professional results - with minimal adjustment.

SnapScan: Scan - Enhance - Save

With the new SnapScan feature you scan, enhance and save your originals in a single flow. No rescanning needed. It is the perfect link between your scanner, digital storage, existing applications, and your printers.


SnapScan makes scanning faster while protecting your fragile originals by allowing the operator full control over image adjustments without having to rescan..

Auto-generated 8-bit color palette lets you automatically generate a palette from the existing 24-bit scan


ICC Color Management

Nextimage supports ICC/ICM profiles. It can embed ICC profiles in scanned files, whether it is JPG, JPEG 2000 or TIFF, preserving colors when files are loaded into other applications.
You can also use ICC/ICM profiles to manage colors when making copies with Nextimage.

Intelligent Sharpen/Smoothing Filters

Nextimage is loaded with new image processing options. One of these is the smart new Smoothen filter that intelligently removes pattern noise without blurring the edges in the original. Combine it with the sharpen algorithm to get razor sharp results with smooth noiseless colors.

Closed Loop Calibration (CLC)

Nextimage also comes with built-in closed loop calibration for managing colors when making copies. The CLC wizard helps you create a media profile that is optimized for the individual media in the printer. Simply print a reference pattern on your printer, and then scan it to create the perfect relationship between your scanner and printer.

New Adaptive Thresholding Algorithm

Nextimage also comes with a newly developed B&W algorithm that combines background cleaning and preservation of grayscales in one mode. Use it for both clean new originals and for low contrast blueprints.